1. Matt2

    I find myself hearing about HDB patients being forced to terminate maintenance treatment more and more. My heart hurts for the suffering that so many opiate addicts and their families must experience everyday. I’ve also become increasingly grateful for my addictionologist and how open minded and generous he is. I sincerely don’t think he’s even thought about forcing me into any decisions about my treatment plan even when I lost my health insurance and he wasn’t making as much money from me anymore. I truly believe he cares about my wellbeing, even if that means not taking the easy way out by telling me I have to stop what is working for me because it might mean he will have to do more for less money. I hope more than anything that the woman and her husband either find a better Sub doctor or their current doctor will become willing to put her patient’s welfare above what is easiest for her. Thank goodness for good Sub doctors!

  2. finallyachance

    It really just amazes me that this issue is such an issue. It is quite evudent when A doctor takes on any patient that has a disease that has to be medically maintained like diabetes or cholesterol issues etc….the doctors do not sit there with a calendar trying to figure out when to stop treating their client for such. Why? Well I have to agree with the doctor here when he says that maybe the medical professionals are thinking we only desrve a certain amount of time to be medically titrated etc…then we must step to the front of the line take our paddlin for the past and move on.

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