Sometimes I receive comments that deserve a post of their own.  I appreciate the kind words from this individual associated with, Mothers against medical  An area doctor was responsible for putting huge amounts of oxy and methadone on the streets, and I know of three deaths (two by OD and one by suicide) that can be directly attributed to his prescriptions.  He has can no longer prescribe at this point, but it seems that there is always another that takes the place when an over-prescriber is shut down.
Knowing the lethality of opiate addiction, I frequently say that while there are some side effects, at least I know that people on Suboxone are safe.  Yes, there are exceptions; but for the most part a person who is on Suboxone and tolerant to it is not going to die of an overdose.
Thank you for a different perspective:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. You offer a view seldom heard from both a professional stand point as well as personal experience. As a medical professional myself and advocate against methadone use I work to bring awareness to the potential lethal qualities of this drug. I have have spent two years actively researching both sides of it’s use from the clinical setting to pain managment. My findings were alarming which is why it has become a passion to alert the public to it’s dangers. Currently Methadone is the #1 killer of a prescription narcotic and you do not have to abuse it to die. These deaths come from clinics, pain management and the diversion from both sources. Many have lost their life while under a doctors care and monitoring.
In a clinical setting this drug has not been proven over all to produce drug free patrons but acts as a wonderful replacement drug to feed the addictive cravings sought. Methadone is a monster leaving a trail of devastation in it’s path. It has proven to be a gold mine for those owning and operating these methadone clinics preaching the their sales pitches with false promises.
Suboxone in european countries is showing abuse and diverted use but is far more safer to ingest then methadone and hopefully most using the replacement form of what they call treatment will no longer use methadone for long term. These clinics are opening all across this country and this practice is out of control as well. Instead of looking to be free of drugs we are only proviiding addicts with a legally controlled substitution station.

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