1. angelo212

    First your withdrawl from suboxone was “ASS”. You did it wrong. Now that your off it the oppssesion to use will return. Then what? Willpower? You must be out of you God damn mind. Now that you feel that pain from the bulging disc it’s only a matter of time. I do wish you the best and hope you succed. I just can’t see it especially if your not doing meeting, therapy etc.

  2. juneleaves

    I don’t know, but this experience just sounds like plain ol’ opiate withdrawal to me…You’re gonna pay on either end, whether at the end of suboxone treatment or at the end of opiate use.
    Maybe you missed the memo 7 years, but there are no free rides with drug addiction. And yes, it takes an equally long time to fully recover from full-blown opiate withdrawal, and most don’t make it, caving with the slightest temptation to get out of the withdrawal funk.
    But wow, at least switching to Suboxone softens the blow until one has dealt with all the damage that being an addict does in ones life. Its not unreasonable to suspend the insanity of opiate use especially if the consequences might include death! This alone seems to weigh in favor of the inconvenience of trading one drug for another…
    And not only that, an individual can make the choice of tapering if and when ready, you don’t usually get this with regular opiates. I’ll eagerly take suboxone rather than the experience of full-on opiate withdrawal any day.
    Opiates are, in my experience a rather cruel mistress. Once you’ve become a slave, you’re going to pay one way or another.

  3. nickypotz88

    you can compare Opiates to sex. After you try it you want to do it over and over again. suboxone is like a bj its good and doesn’t get you to the euphoria stage. I’d rather take subo withdrawls over oxy’s anyday. i have been on subs for months now nd i can take days off and not feel even close to how shitty i was while takin those lil blue oxy IRs (which are the devil btw) grow up and suck it up quit cryin you messed up and deal with it

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