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I went to Walgreens early this morning and they had the drug on hand. So, if there is anyone who still has doubts as to the drug being available at local pharmacies- this shows the 2nd largest drugstore chain has it available in its pharmacies.

Note: the writer is referring to a Walgreens in Wisconsin.

Generic Buprenorphine

The tablets themselves are round and white with the imprint of 54 411 on one side and a blank opposite side. Really the best way to describe them, is that they are identical in every feature (minus the imprint code) as the “512 Generic Percocet” tablets. As for taste and texture I found them to be much easier to tolerate than the fake orange Pez flavor laced with formaldehyde that Suboxone leaves in your mouth for hours. To me it was as if chewing a large aspirin and holding it in my mouth. Yes, it was slightly bitter, but the flavor itself was mainly inert and inoffensive.

Now as for price… Walgreens lists the retail cash price for 60 tablets to be $152.99 which translates to $2.55 x tablet. Less than half of what the name brand cost!!!

Note: in Wisconsin, Walgreens has always been the costliest place to purchase Suboxone, with prices up to 50% higher than other pharmacies such as Wal-Mart, Pick N Save, ShopKo, and even the smaller mom and pop pharmacies.  I would expect for that reason that the generic could be found for even less money with a bit of calling around.

Hopefully some good news!

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Afflicted · November 4, 2009 at 11:20 pm

Regarding the generic Suboxone our detective friend found at Walgreens: I was ecstatic…till I typed the exact description of the pills our friend had said were the long awaited Holy Grail: generic Suboxone. Imagine my dejection when the result came: a round pill, blank on one side and bearing the numbers 54 411 came back as Melfloquin: an anti-malarial agent. Not that it wouldn’t be helpful if you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself in a rice paddy in Laos (hey, times are tough). Hopefully I am mistaken, as a generic would translate into a much larger discretionary budget for me on a month by month basis.

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