1. jsp4th

    I was sober and on suboxone for almost a full year when I got yet another kidney stone. I was taken to the local ER by a member of my family, and when questions like “are you currently on any medications?” were answered by “yes I’m taking Buprenorphine” I got “the look”. That day I was really in “severe” pain and before Bupe I was in the same place, and within ten minutes had IV Demerol. This time, I.B. 800, and one Flexeril before leaving. 12 hours later I was back in the ER, and this time after about 2 hours of throwing up on myself from the pain of a 9mm stone, I was given a “fifty” of IV Demerol and got sent home with (6) 5/500 Vicodin to be taken 6-8 hr PRN pain. “You got to be kidding me”, I said. Well come Monday I go to my M.D. (I’ll call him Doc. V.), and tell the girls behind the desk what I went through, and was told the Doc. was not in all week, and about a minute later here comes the Doc. from an exam room. I told him what was happening and guess what, he told me he couldn’t help me this time, and I was asked to leave. Now last stone I had was smaller, and Doc. V gave me all the Schedule II drugs I needed. Well I somehow get to a local Urologist and upon entering the office collapse in pain, right in the waiting room. I’m taken to the back, had a talk with one of the Urologists and tell him,the best I can about my weekend, and day so far. I was given Oxycodone APAP 10mg and instructed to take up to 2 every 6hrs PRN pain. I discussed this with my sub doc. and was told that I should call his cell phone if this should happen again, he then approved of my short discontinuation from sub, and after a week of feeling like crap went back on Bupe, toughing out the pain for another 5 weeks, and the very “fun” passing of a 9mm x 5mm kidney stone. I feel like a second rate citizen, sometimes less than that when people find out I’m a recovering addict, and when people find out I’m on Bupe. It is very depressing and sometimes all I want to do is stay in the house, and sometimes that’s exactly what I do. All I’ve ever known is addiction, (I’m 26 now, my 1st Oxycontin and the last time I was sober was at age 15) and I try to be tough, never forgetting how far I’ve come over the last 434 days (or 37,497,600 seconds)that I’ve been in treatment, but one can’t help to be offended by people whom hate you, yet don’t know you. Stay strong, and hang in there everybody, and you too Doc.! Giving up isn’t an option, not for anybody recovering, because more times than not, giving up is a suicide mission, and haven’t there been enough deaths from opioid addiction?
    -JayJay Sober date: July 9th, 2008

  2. happywags

    Dear Sir,
    I just found your article doing a google search and am most interested in what you had to say in the last two paragraphs. I have been in a situation for 2+ years where I have legitimate chronic pain an no Dr. will prescribe me pain medication and have told me to my face that I will just have to suffer. At the end of your article you said that anyone that has been wrongly treated for their pain should email you, so I am. After reading your words I now feel as though there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and would really appreciate the opportunity to explain to you what has happened to me and hopefully have you point me in the right direction to proceed. Thank you in advance.

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