Got rid of ‘zone’. Too confusing with the new URL. Please be aware, because up until now typing in would get you here. In short, a ‘suboxone hater’ labelled me as a ‘spam site’ with Google in 2015, and my searches went way down. I am going to disconnect that zone site, which forwards here, as it is still doing that to some extent.

Thanks for your readership and you patience! I’m starting telemedicine today, from home. Better, little by little.

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Anonymous · September 18, 2022 at 5:45 pm

I’ve been on 8mg strips for 16 years. Yeah, 16 years. I raised a family, paid off my house, and now I’ve got 5 years left to receive a a full pension from the plant. Suboxone saved my life. I stopped opioids when they were still prescribing oxycontin. Thank GOD I didn’t have to use heroin. I wouldn’t have made it. I’m now down to 1 mgs a day. Next week I run out and I’m a little frightened. I am however on good spiritual ground. I have to work every day and hope the WD’s won’t be too intense. Thank you for all your help! I don’t care what anyone says, Suboxone and Spirituality works!

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