1. dmcguigan

    My 24 year old daughter, having issues with drug use, has had sleep problems that existed long before self medicating/drug use began. Sleep terrors, not being able to move or call out, while being graphically killed in her dreams, has persisted since age 12-13. Sleep studies did not provide any useful information. Many Dr visits, no relief.

  2. angelo212

    I had to kick methadone in jail and made sure I got on the medical teir and said I was a alchoholic. They give you librium and when they gave me no more librium I got trazadone to sleep. Problem was it was at a high dose and anything over 150mg may give you a priaprism. Well I was wondering why I was getting these erections for hours at a time. Wheather I’m kicking methadone or heroin it’s all the same. A minimum 21 to 25 days without a minute sleep. I done more times then I can count. When you get locked up in New Jersey you get nothing. New York is great. You get methadone.

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