1. skelley

    I am so frustrated it won’t rcognie my password tells me everytime It is not right!!! I so need to talk to some one. My God I’m trying so hard. I need to talk to someone about suboxone I’ve been on 2 wks & off methadone. I need to direction I am serious about what I am doing, I feel like a guinne pig & like I just floundering along.

  2. skelley

    Have been sober In AA for 18 yrs. Have been on methadone for approx. 4 yrs for pain managment. I absolutely hate it, have wanted off for a long time now but have not been able to afford to take the time off that it would take to accomplish that as I have my own business & family ect. I have been on suboxone for a little over 2 wks. Dr. gave me wrong direction so I went through 9 hrs of agonizing hell 14 days ago. took it 17 hrs after my last dosage of methadone. I need more direction about what I am going through now, what I can expect. I am taking 4 pills a day. I just read an article about chewing it & painting the inside of your mouth with it for the 1st 10 -15 min. That 16 mg. pr day should be enough. So I will try that with my next dose, because even with taking 4 a day, I am having continuous headaches, & my functionality & energy is nill. Is methadone a longer tranisitional period or something? Can any one help me?

  3. AussieKev

    This is the most helpful bit of info I’ve found yet about suboxone/Treatment for opiate dependence. I’m about to start a treatment of Suboxone for the first time (been using 2 grams of codeine a day via Cold Water Extraction for many years) and after the [email protected]#T my Doc has fed me about how it’s a wonder drug that means I can withdraw with no symptoms (I knew that was too good to be true!) and the scare stories I’ve found everywhere else on the net – This is the first time I’ve found any useful information. I think everyone and anyone who is thinking about getting off opiates needs to see this.

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