1. skelley

    So as a beginner on suboxone I should get tough out of the gate, or is there a reason to get your celing levels right initially? 2 weeks plus a couple of days now from 4 yrs of 30-40 mg of methadone a day. Is there any one out there that had a reasonably withdrawal from the suboxone? That is why I opted to take it. I’m only taking 8 mgs a day. I feel rough, & doing life is a struggle. Am I just prolonging the inevitable? Oh & if I don’t take more will my celing level lower & if so how long could it take? I just want help through the transition. I’m not looking to get on another long term medication. I’m cool with those that are.

  2. johnbeatingopioids

    Dear SuboxDoc, I`ll make it to the point.Im bipolar from birth.Both parents alcoholics n drug addicts.I was abused in sick ways.I had many EXCUSES to numb up with any n all drugs.Which I did w/no regard to my life.When i found heroin i soon injected n i found what i always wanted.A longlasting buzz.It killed my pain n made me feel invincible.I had a shoulder repair n got dilaudid take home.Years later im hopelessly hooked(for14yrs).When i had no real medical reason for a script i cut my skin open and put foriegn bodies inside resultin in over 9 mrsa infections,vre, and worst septic and flesh eatin disease.But i had my pills.I recently found suboxone and clean now for 5 weeks w/no desire to use ANY drugs.My life reflects a new man.If all docs cant get on board with treatment modalities (yes even med assisted) rather than intolerance and ignorance Sad! What about hippocratic oaths? My last dr wouldnt even refer me to treatment after asking many times.My faith was lost in dr`s.How can i help to educate dr`s?

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