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  1. Christopher

    Thanks for your honesty. I really appreciate it!
    Obviously there’s a lot more to each person’s story that would make the outcome inevitable. I now know that the worst times were/are when she takes antidepressants with the Methadone. She had been on Methadone for five or six years before I could tell. When I here Methadone , I think Heroin-needles-stoned-junkies. But apparently doctors have been prescribing it for chronic pain people like my wife for some time. And I couldn’t tell. Till now. Does ones tolerance to an opiate go up with prolonged use? Can you put on a show at the doctors office so he’ll up your dosage?
    Suffice it to say, you clearly know what it’s like. That bit about “being busy” is totally right on.
    “But I don’t get the impression that this gentleman’s wife would be happy.”
    I’m praying you’re wrong.
    “But I don’t get the impression that this gentleman’s wife is into all of that. Were she to change to Suboxone, she would have time to feel ashamed of herself for what her life has become. She would have to acknowledge her husband’s anger. She would have to return to the living. That would be a dramatic change from her self-obsessed fog.”
    So…you’re thinking a chronic pain patient isn’t a Subox candidate?
    ” Is she still inside that doped up person? I don’t know.”
    I think she is, and after another ultimatum, she said she would do “whatever it takes” to save our relationship. So, we are going to go talk to a local SuboxDoc to see if he thinks it’s right for her situation. She is on about 180mg a day and says she would have to be down to 40mg a day before anything else would work or happen. Does that sound right?
    I need to know before I make a plan with this doctor.

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