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  1. blc

    I’ve been reading your blog posts for several weeks now and finally feel compelled to register and comment. While an email would probably be more appropriate, I was unable to find a link or address. Please excuse me for being off the subject of this particular post.
    I am a recovering addict with a twenty-seven months free from active addiction. I’ve been able to put this time together only with the help of Suboxone, which I’ve been taking daily for these twenty-seven months. I was a garbage can addict, addicted to everything for most of my life, but the last seven (worst seven) were those final ones where had a heroin and cocaine habit. I got clean traditionally, with severe withdrawals by locking myself in my house and going to two-three NA meetings a day, and my first try managed to stay clean for eight months. Then I battled… in and out of the rooms for four months, relapse for a week, then two months, relapse for a week, again and again and again. I thought it was hopeless. I tried Revia and ended up in an ER when I cheeked my dose, used, then took it again.
    Anyway, I’m rambling… I wanted to thank you for your posts. I find them very reassuring and helpful. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am like many on suboxone a cash pay patient and while the medication combined with the monthly doctor’s visits cost nearly $600/mo, even just financially it is a great savings over active addiction not even considering the freedom it affords me. I hope you continue to post. I just found some of your vlogs (videos) and have enjoyed as well. I don’t even bother telling people at meetings anymore and share my suboxone secret (it feels that way sometimes) with only a few that won’t judge me, and those newcomers that I think may benefit. I switched sponsors over this about a year ago.
    Well, now that I am registered I suppose I’ll comment in the future. (hopefully more on-topic) Thank you again. Really, I hope you know how much you are appreciated, by me and I’m sure countless others who you’re helping.

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