I remember now…. so with WordPress there are hundreds, maybe thousands of themes. There are also ‘plugins’ which all sorts of functionality. But many will not work with each other.

It was all working, until it wasn’t. Today (until I start telemed appointments) I am going to dump all of the plugins, and I’ll get it up over the weekend.

Those ads…. really causing problems on the mobile sites. The thing is…. Hosting and everything else costs me about $100 per month, which I can make with ads running. Both of those numbers are for all my web pages.

I will also have to do a spreadsheet and figure out what I’m paying for this. I am still going to write, but I’d prefer to do it for free!!

I have it fixed now. FYI — the internet is now designed so that pages automatically are converted if a mobile device is detected. You can always go to the very bottom of my and many pages and click on ‘leave mobile site’. I could eliminate that automatic change of sites, but then Google punishes you in search engines.

I had forgotten how all of the fun stuff (writing) comes with all this other stuff. Any bloggers out there with them suggestions, send me a note!

Thank you, again, for your patience!

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