1. Amy

    I want to thank you SO much for answering my question…you explained a lot to me. as of now i do not have any plans of getting off suboxone as i do have legitimate pain issues and i fear going back to the narcotics for pain relief, i KNOW how that would end. which leads to my next question …i DO take my suboxone twice daily, and there have been times i have taken more when in a flare up to try to lesson my pain…am i doing myself a dis-service by doing this? should i go to taking it once daily?
    i originally started taking it twice a day when i transitioned from methadone to suboxone, which was hell, but the once a day dose wasnt holding me, i was waking up in withdrawals by 2 am in the morning, so my sub doc told me to take it twice daily…that was now quite a while ago, should i try to get to once a day doseing, would it be better for my addiction to dose once a day???
    by the way, i LOVE this place!!! the most truly informative, honest, expert advice with experience for anyone thinking of suboxone treatment or currently on suboxone treatment…GREAT PLACE!! and i thank you!

  2. Logan25

    I completely agree. It’s astonishing also when you hear many people’s suggested regimens for replacing Suboxone, which including SSRI’s and even benzos sometimes. So, give up this daily pill that works for a cocktail of daily pills that will somewhat but not really work, and with worse side effects. Withdrawl from SSRI’s can be hell too.
    What’s the real problem people have with Suboxone? I can’t help but think for some people it’s perhaps exactly that it does work. Some are resentful of that. They think you should be doing the “real work” of sobriety. Of course by real work they mean suffering.
    Now there IS often something to be gained through suffering, all things being isolated and equal which they never are. First of all, all this character building happens over a long period of time within a relatively short life we all are endowed with. There’s also the pesky 90/10 problem with relapse, which probability-wise means you can very easily spend almost your whole life suffering and relapsing. You might finally kick for good just in time to trade your painkillers for antidepressants one last time, and then for Viagra soon after. But hey, you’re drug free (for really real, no backsies).
    It’s all just a label anyway, and addiction isn’t defined which labels are on your pill bottles.

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