I really do enjoy keeping this blog, and I love to help out if I can. I am sometimes pressed for time though, and I feel bad when a person is waiting for a response from an e-mail. I have heard comments like ‘I wish my doc had told me that!’– and I get angry that so many docs either don’t know or don’t describe the details of how Suboxone is best used.
I am also trying to put together some ideas for what works after Suboxone; there is nothing out there right now for addicts who are in Suboxone-induced remission. NA and AA are not that great because addicts must lie about using Suboxone, or else the entire meeting will turn into a debate over Suboxone. And going to meetings and telling a lie is inconsistent with one of major goals of AA and NA: rigorous honesty. Anyway, I want to spend more time working on that project, pulling me away from the blog even more.
In case anyone out there NEEDS a question answered, I am going to ‘open my office’ for those questions. I am going to post a fee schedule; if you want or need an answer you can use the fee schedule and be assured of an answer. Otherwise feel free to write and I will do the best to answer– if I can. Make no mistake– I do not resent the questions that have come my way thus far. In fact, I appreciate them, and I am honored that you trust my opinion and judgment.
The last paragraph has about 100 words (94 to be exact). If you need an answer to your question within 24 hours, I will give you an answer that takes about 100 words for $10. I will do my best to be efficient in my word usage. You can help by doing your best to predict how big an answer your question will require. To ask a question, go to my donate button and make a donation according to the size of the response that your question will require– $10 per 100 words. Then you can either post a comment– all comments come to me by e-mail for my approval–or you can e-mail me at questions@subox.info and that will come to me immediately as well.
Let’s see how this works… again, feel free to continue to ask questions, but it may take some time before I can write back. On the other hand, if you have a burning question that really needs an answer, now you have a way to get a reply right away!
Thank you,

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