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    My question is : Can you use Suboxone for post operative pain management? A pain doctor suggested i find a doctor who prescribes Suboxone and request it for post op pain management after hip surgery. I am allergic to most pain medications. including opiods and cannot take them for pain management. This has been a difficult road as I have not been able to find a doctor who prescribes it that knows it can be used in pain management. Therefore they will not take me as a patient for post op pain management. If you can educate me on this issue I would truly appreciate it. I would really like to read some articles on the subject of Suboxone as a pain management tool if you know of any. Thanks so much.

    • There are inexpensive tests that show a range of opioids and other drugs. Some don’t test for buprenorphine, but some do. The tests required for DOT testing do NOT have buprenorphine as one of the tested drugs, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. If anyone has heard otherwise, please contact me or message here!

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