1. Christina

    I’ve never been on drugs yet I’m addicted to suboxone. Please some one help help!
    I have a bubbly personality, I’m blonde green eyes curvy yet thin, “was going to school for RN liscence but I meet My boyfriend who I met on a factory job, we got along got to know each other, hung out a 1-2 a week,
    I became depressed because of my bills, etc.
    one night on our day off he said take this and put it underneath your tongue. It will make you “feel better” .
    Me not knowing what it was I said ohhh is the horny thing, he said no. I said it’s acid isn’t it. He said shusshhhh
    From that point on I did what ever he put in my mouth to make me feel better. Mentally.
    Fast forward almost 1 1/2 yrs
    I’m on subutex and pregnant and realize he was hell, , this life is hell, he won’t let me woke or talk to my family that live 5 mins away. I have no friends, he even takes my pills and sells them. But I withdrawal and it’s “ok”
    My question is
    Can I get an abortion even though my clinic knows I’m pregnant, will they stop prescribing me medication.
    This man NO BOY ! has fucked me for life!!! Please help me!

    • I am a little confused– so are you now being prescribed buprenorphine? I don’t know for sure what would happen if you terminate the pregnancy; I would say it should have no impact, except I realize that some hospitals save spots on buprenorphine to use only for pregnant women addicted to opioids, and they discharge the women after the pregnancy ends. Also, many states only allow plain buprenorphine in pregnant women- and all other people on buprenorphine must take the ‘combination pill’– Suboxone, Zubsolv, or bunavail.
      There is a difference between addiction and physical dependence. Initially I thought you may just be physically dependent, but after reading that this has gone on for over a year, I would guess you would best be considered ‘addicted’. Once addicted, people who taper off opioids usually end up back on them again. People generally focus only on the detox, but that is the easy part. The difficult part is staying away from opioids going forward.
      I’m also confused that you write that he doesn’t allow you to speak with your family. Are you still WITH this person?
      Many things to deal with– but from here, your largest problem isn’t that you take buprenorphine. You would do better if you found a counselor at a good treatment program, and then really work with that counselor on the things holding you down– including the misperception that control = love. If someone won’t let you make a phone call, you are literally being held hostage. Call the police, ask for help, and then find the nearest agency that helps women in your situation.
      Good luck!

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