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  1. Cynthia d

    Wow! I wished the suboxone doctor I see would read your posts. I lost everything because after my exhusband sexually assaulted my daughter my depression became severe and I developed anxiety. i turned to heroin to make the pain stop. I had no drug problems until this happened when I was in forties. I most of the time cannot leave my house because of anxiety. I’ve been clean for few months on suboxone. My old suboxone dr put me on effexor and .5 mg of klonopin twice a day. I finally started to recover from the drug abuse, anxiety and depression. I had to change Dr’s because I had no ride anymore. He wouldn’t even consider my staying on klonopin. I had been on Xanax off and on for many years. . I am so upset I had finally started to look for work and leave my house again. I used to be a computer prgrammer and adjunct professor before all this happened. I cannot afford the clinic, I cannot get help with the fundamental issues of depression and anxiety and address my drug addiction at the same time. I know it’s a really bad idea but at this point I could buy a months worth of suboxone, effexor and klonopin at the same dose as I was taking from the street cheaper and easier than seeing Dr’s anymore. I by the way never abused these drugs in anyway. Treatment is not affordable for us at rock bottom and most Dr’s perhaps with reason are so scared of dea they withhold much neededtreatment. My old psychologist who prescribed me benzos dismissed me when i started suboxone. He kicks out anyone who he knows or suspects of drug use. I fully disclosed to both drs. I am just too tired for all this

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