1. Brian

    Good story. I always wondered about these treatments. For all that money I would rather go on an island vacation and go cold turkey . If I have to suffer a self detox at least I will have nice scenery.

  2. mortysmate

    interesting piece, though i have questions and some insight about this subject. I guess my first question would be this- if you performed a root canal on yourself would you assume your experience would accurately reflect the same procedure done proffessionally? you mentioned you did without the sedation..thats kinda the point isnt it? i was dependent on opiods for about seven years before going to the waismann method. i qualify as a full time abuser, eventually snorting the equivalent of over 20 vicadin a day. i tried suboxone, tapering etc to no avail. my life was misery and i saw no way out. waismann basically saved my life. I agree with your insight that post procedure support is vital, but getting to that point seemed to me the hardest thing to do. I diont know the figures, but im sure there are many like me that became dependent after surgery and prescription painkillers, and are not inherantly addictive personalities. As soon as i was clean i felt i had been given a chance to start my life over, which i have been enjoying now for almost four years.
    As far as the experience itself, i think saying you only avoid one day of withdrawal is misleading. Sure its 24 hours in real time, but my understanding is that in that time frame ( while sedated) your body undergoes a sped-up reaction to withdrawal that would normally last several days ( hence the “rapid”). Afterwards i did feel pretty weak for a few days and yes, i had diarrhea for a couple of days. But everytime i tried cold turkey was a hundred times worse and proved unbearable for me. If anyone is considering this procedure, i urge you to research and get an informed opinion. Better yet call them yourself. They were professional and compassionate, didnt promise me the earth but gave objective insight. Personally from my experience i think its unfair to put a proven medical procedure in the same class as magic crystals ( even if in jest) as being disingenious and potentially even harmful to those seeking genuine information. These are my honest experiences and as such reflect my complete gratitude to the Waismann Method. I am not a medical professional ( as you may be able to tell from my spelling!) nor am i a paid spokesperson for the Waismann people. Im just a drycleaner that almost ruined his life and that of his family by getting prescribed drugs that he proberbly shouldnt have. Either way i honestly feel i owe my life to the Waismann Method. just my two cents worth..

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