1. bfromindy65

    I had to leave a comment on this one. A little over two years ago I called my sponsor up and told him that I wanted to take a Start Over because I had misused a prescription I got when I had 5 teeth pulled. It took that experience to make me realize the way I’d been looking at meds I got from docs. In my mind, I had a “day off” or a “free pass” if the doctor prescribed it or if I’d had some work done. That kind of attitude got me three trips to prison, God only knows how many totaled cars, and a 26 year addiction to methadone. The clinic I used to go to would fast-detox me out if I came up with a dirty urine and that never taught me anything, but this relapse while on Suboxone sure did. Even though my addictionologist didn’t know about it, I too felt like I had to confide in him because figuring out the way I looked at meds was one of the biggest things I’ve learned in Recovery.
    Thanks Dr J!

  2. apple1980

    Ive been on suboxone for 3 yrs now. My doc wants to wing me off of it, and honestly I know I should be off by now, but Im scared to death mentally. I have know idea what its going to be like once I stop taking it. Am I gonna go relapse because I think I need something to make me happy in my life?? Have I been using suboxone as a replacement drug? Im terrified to get off! It scares me to death. All I see on the internet is horror stories when people get off suboxone. So, does anyone have any positive news for me?? Also, its causing major finacial issues in my life because its sooo expensive!! My boyfriends about to leave me if I dont agree to get off of it…I dont know what to do 🙁

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