I looked through the search terms that people used today to find my blog and there aren’t many new topics– just the regular old search terms that come up every day: how long to wait after oxy before Suboxone, how long to wait after Suboxone for Oxy, how to get high from Suboxone, how to treat precipitated withdrawal from Suboxone… Except for a pair of searches for ‘saving Suboxone spit.
I have a patient that does exactly that. He takes it the ‘usual way’, then after about ten minutes he spits it into a cup and puts it in the freezer. He then takes it out of the freezer and reuses it the next day, and so on for about 4 days– he claims that it is still effective for him even at that point. I find the idea a bit disgusting, but I think his logic is sound; there probably is a great deal of the original buprenorphine left behind after dosing, and so it makes sense to try to get more of it– at least when the money is tight and so doses are kept low.
On a different topic, many of you probably know that Suboxone is supposed to go generic next year. There are rumors of a number of different buprenorphine products on the horizon– injectables, implants, skin patches… as a conversation starter, have you heard of any new products, or companies that are working on buprenorphine products? What type of product would you like to see? Feel free to comment…

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Amy · November 11, 2008 at 7:21 pm

WOW!! He sure is getting the most for his money!! Hey, whatever works.
In regards to suboxone “going generic”…I CANT WAIT!! BUT, i am sure my hopes will be dashed as they will only most likely be .39 cents cheaper per pill, just a guess. My chief complaint is cost, it REALLY is out of reach for so many people when included with the ridiculous fees SOME doctors are charging (i know your not in this group Doc) but at 6-8 bucks a pill, combined with $800-$1500 UPFRONT or forget it type of fees truly puts it out of reach (and realistically, what addict can save money and still be in active addiction?), and PISSES me off to no end, and i truly think those are the only doctors that seem to have room for more patients..GEE, WONDER WHY!? I really think that is a crime, and doctors that are truly in it for the money should be banned from “helping” people…because that is NOT help…having to file bankruptcy to get well? These types of doctors are exploiting a disease by having the “cure” to make a HUGE profit…i have so many people contact me looking for help, and I wish i knew where i could send them for true help, and not a doctor looking for a HUGE profit. Every doctor should absolutley be able to profit, but there has to be a cap put on it…its just not reachable for too many still, and its real sad.
This statement in no way has anything to do with you Doc, your fees are fair and obtainable…
and if there are any other suboxone doctors out there reading this…you are responsible and denying people who truly need help or they can and will die eventually…all because of your HUGE profit, NOT FAIR, think about it, what addict has that kind of money on hand or even the credit to get or borrow the money?
sorry doc, just needed to speak my mind on this one…you can delete if you want to…just hoping maybe it might hit home if any OTHER doctor is reading this…

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