We are so close to world domination here at the Suboxone Talk Zone–  One or two more feed subscribers just might do it.  You see, I’ve been reading about ‘SEO’, or Search Engine Optimization (you just don’t learn that sh…  I mean stuff on other health blogs!) and I’ve learned that when you click on the box that says ‘subscribe’ or ‘rss’ or ‘feed’ you will get each new post right to Outlook or Google Reader or whatever free reader you download on the internet… and then the little computers that monitor every thing we do thinks that my blog must be interesting… and then my blog pops up higher when people search for Suboxone information.  So please, if you like the blog, CLICK!  Then SHARE– send it to friends, link to it with your social networking site like Digg or Facebook or Stumbleupon or Technorati– click on ‘add to any’ and take your pick!
I mean, what if I am really some eccentric billionaire who has nothing to do all day but write about Suboxone (maybe I am brain damaged or something) and I have access to all of the social networking data, so I know who is linking to me– sort of like Santa Claus– and I am planning on taking the biggest linker and adopting him/her as my son or daughter, to share in my wealth… I’m not saying for SURE that is going to happen, but if you don’t link at all, it SURELY won’t happen!
I took a shot…  thanks, though, for spreading the word–


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