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  1. jm

    hi doc,
    thanks for your reply.
    i stayed on the dilaudid for about a week total, then went off it on my own. amazingly didn’t even use up the script which is a first for me in a long while.
    i just started feeling crappy, and knew that i could in fact handle the amount of pain i was having in my shoulder after the worst of the initial trauma had passed. i was able to go back on suboxone about 18 hours after my last diluadid dose, and ironically am using a lower suboxone dose than my doctor originally started me on – which was 2x8mg, 2x a day= 32mg
    i am now on the regular dose of 2×8=16mg once in the am with no evening dosing, which is great. my doctor has said she was trained to do the higher dosing, but is now going to use a low dosing to start with.
    so beside, residual pain, i am doing well. i have been prescribed ultracet, which works well for the remaining pain, which is still quite a bit, but no side effects from that either, nor cravings.
    my short little stint back on opiates was a great re-inforcer for why i went off them in the first place. fortunately dilaudid worked for the pain, and i never got “high” off em, and ultimately was able to switch back to suboxone problem free. though life has felt really really hard lately and i still want to check out mentally and emotionally from time to time, it is so much better to be “present to life, warts and all” as my father would say.
    it also really helps to keep all my doctors in the loop, even though i know that the ER pretty much would not treat me for pain, despite my suboxone card, call to the doctor etc…
    i really appreciate your blog and will donate when i am able to!

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