Special Price

I have been selling a recording over on the right side of this web page–  the recording describes the treatment options for opiate addiction and the philosophy behind Suboxone treatment.  I recommend it for anybody taking Suboxone, considering Suboxone, or even for anyone who has a family member or even a boss who asks them about Suboxone.  When they ask,  ‘What is that stuff, anyway? Are you still on drugs?’  you can e-mail them this 75-minute audio file and tell them to listen to it on their way to work– and to quit asking you so many questions!!
I am lowering the price as a marketing experiment–   It isn’t going lower, but it will go higher again to some point as I figure out the right price.  I did spend considerable time and effort putting it together;  for those of you who don’t know me ‘in person’ and who wonder what I am like, check out the recording and let me talk to you.  I hopefully will make the whole idea behind Suboxone more clear in your mind.

Was $19.99;  now $9.99–  even less than a ‘Kenny G’ CD!  That’s a BARGAIN, man!



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