Had to mention that I heard that Steve Tyler went in for rehab for ‘pain pill addiction’ related to falling off a stage or some other injury…  Wish I had that ‘falling off the stage’ line when Men’s Health did their story about me!

Steve Tyler enters rehab, but his daughter is a knock-out!

Two wrongs made a 'right'?

I keep thinking that wil all the young people dying from overdoses of opiates (Heroin or oxycodone) and all of the ‘fancy people’ who have died or been destroyed by opiate dependence, why hasn’t the issue become a national crisis?  I bet that 10 times more young people died of opiate dependence in the past year than died from H1N1 virus, but which one gets all the press?  Is it the shame of the victims that keeps it so quiet?  I meet often with parents of children who have died from opiate overdose or suicide related to opiate addiction, and their suffering is every bit as great as the suffering faced by parents who lose children in other ways.  In fact, they probably suffer more, since they have such mixed feelings about sharing the story with others.  They even feel guilty for what happened– no matter how hard they tried to do everything right.
My hope is that the use of buprenorphine will allow opiate dependence to become just another chronic, potentially fatal illness.  I hope that people realize the obvious– that it is not ‘cured’.  That shouldn’t be a big deal, because most other medical illnesses are not cured either.  We MANAGE illness.  This is not Steve Tyler’s first go-round with opiates– and if he is like most addicts it won’t be his last– unless he goes on Suboxone and finds a way to just keep taking it, and to deal with all of the idiots telling him he isn’t ‘clean’ if he keeps taking it!
Mr. Tyler– good luck, dude.  I love your music– all the way back to ‘Toys in the Attic’ when I was about 16 years old.  I don’t know how you lived so long, but I’m glad you found a way– otherwise we would have missed out on Jamie’s Got a Gun and some other fine tunes.   If you are in the decision process over how to go forward, consider taking a chronic medication– buprenorphine– for the chronic illness of opiate dependence. 
Oh– I also don’t know how such a strange looking dude like you put out such a good-looking daughter…  but thanks for that as well!  The world can always use another good looking person.  Just don’t let her mess up her lips with that nasty collagen nonsense!


Jlo · December 25, 2009 at 4:52 pm

In 2005 I was in a car accident and injured my knew and my back. By 2008 I was a heavy opiate user to manage the pain. Never in my life did I think this would happen to me. I’m 44 and knew my life was spinning out of control with these opiates. I made to choice to stop. I went to a private addiction doctor who bescribed me subutex. My insurance would not pay for it, so he swithched me to suboxone. I’ve been on it 15 months. I thought it was a miricle. At the time it was. He would prescribe me 90 for a month, that would last me almost two months, sometimes three. Since I was not going to see him every month he said it’s time to detox off sub. I did the taper. After 5 days I felt fine. One the 6th day it hit me like a ton of brinks. I can’t seem to get past even taking just a tiny scrap of one a day or I go into horrible withdrawel. No one knows of this. First no one who knows me would believe it. I don’t have family who would even begin to understand. I’ve always been a strong woman. I walked again when they said I would not. I’ve done so much in life. I just can’t seem to totally get off this drug. I went 5 days until I was so bad in withdrawel I took a tiny bit again just to get by. There is so much shame in ths for me. I’ve become a recluse. I work and come home. My friends susoect something. I wont go into what my job is but I do carry a gun. It is X-mas day and I woke up in so much pain I had my gun in my mouth. For the grace of God I pushed passed that because again I will beat this battle. It is the worst battle of my life. My doctor called me an accidental addict. An addict, is an addict.I can’t risk going to a NA meetings. I do not want to be discovered and loose what is left of my life. My doctor said the pain should not be like it is. He gave me some xanex, and some sleeping pills and anti depressant. I did not fill them. I do not want to take more drugs.I read somewhere is delute it in water because even just a nibble it’s still too much. I’ve walked there battles that would of killed most people in life. I just feel I’ve met my match. I will forever be controlled by this drug.

angelo212 · December 25, 2009 at 9:22 pm

All the dumb doctors tell us the same thing. The withdrawl from suboxone is very minor. Bullshit. It’e brutl and very long lasting. Googel suboxone withdrawl and you will see.
Why not just stay on the suboxone? Like a diabetic must stay on his insulin. It’s relatively cheap now that it’s generic. You could probable stay on a very low dose because your at crumps now. The Doctor here will tell you the same thing. Why get off?

chuck stiefelmeyer · June 17, 2012 at 1:33 pm

I despise the terms ” clean” and “dirty” in the addiction vernacular. These terms reflect harsh value judgements, and keep many people from getting the help that they need ( who wants to be “dirty” on suboxone?)

    SuboxDoc · June 23, 2012 at 10:54 am

    I realize that some people resist the terms, but some people find them not only useful, but appropriate. I would consider a urine sample with buprenorphine to be ‘clean’, btw— if the medication was prescribed to the person and taken appropriately.

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