1. thankfulmom

    My son has been on Suboxone for a little over 2 years. He is gradually getting back to a happy place and is considering tapering. A while back you commented on patients staying on Suboxone until their early thirties (he is 25) and I wonder if you still feel the way you did then. Would you comment on this and on the current success of any patients you know who have tapered off? He is in no hurry and I will encourage a very long taper (if at all).
    Also, does his past history of addiction in anyway predict his success in tapering off. If he was using IV heroin will his chances of success be less that someone who used oral Vicodin?

  2. tamtam43

    okay, here goes my son had been addicted to roxies, then got off of it and used methadone to ween himself off and used subuxone to ween himself off, all that is doing is prolonging the inevitable, he needed as most people that are on drugs need to do is to get off of all of it once and for all, so I took his subuxone away and he is going cold turkey, this is his 3rd week, he started out with a cold, runny nose, stuffy, then it hit him full force last week with the throwing up, hands and feed numb for a night, sore muscles, he takes lots of showers, he drinks still but has not eaten anything but a handful of food in a week, for 4 days straight he did not sleep a wink, now he sleeps a lot, he got up last night and ate a little cereal, so I think he is getting better, all I hope is that once he is completely clean he won’t ever use drugs again after all that he went through but of course I might be kidding myself, but we have done so much for years to help him and throwing money out the window on these stupid other drugs to get him off of one drug is crazy, it cost us over $100.00 each month on stupid subuxone, I just can’t afford it anymore and he definitely can’t since he is 21 and really doesn’t like to work or much of anything except play, so I hope this is a wake up call for him, because the money bank is closing. I hope everyone gets off of this subuxone once and for all, the doctors just string you along like it is the answer, but do you realize you have to get off of it one day and no matter how small of a dose they give you, you are going through withdrawals anyway, my son was already down to a quarter of a 8 mg pill, we just broke those things into 4ths, so he was basically doing 2 mg, just prolonging the agony. Good luck all!!!!

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