Medpedia has been expanding on a number of fronts, with a ‘wiki’ approach to all things medical– including addiction.  This blog— Suboxone Talk Zone– will be included in the News and Analysis section of the site;  I also hope to submit content and contribute to our knowledge base about opiate dependence going forward.Capture
I invite readers to visit Medpedia and review my thoughts about the relationship between buprenorphine maintenance and traditional recovery.  The topic will be important as we sort out whether buprenorphine should be used as a bridge to step-based treatment, as a long-term treatment that stands on it’s own as a treatment for a chronic condition, or a combination of both paradigms.
When it comes to medical information there are many options on the internet, that vary greatly in the quality and independence of their information.  Medpedia follows the model of a similar site, where information is honed through the experiences and opinions of contributors.  I like what I see so far.  Please check them out sometime.


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