1. angelo212

    Your taking things to heart again (or personaly I should say). I mentioned this to you before and you agreed with me. Some people you just can’t reach. There are alot of knuckleheads out there that just don’t get it. You help alot more people then not. We appreciate your time and great web sites and videos.

  2. viking68

    I am an addict and have cronic pain. I have been taking suboxone for four years ,my life has been wonderful since . This drug has saved my life. I would be dead if it wasnt for it. I dont believe the person who made those comments has adimted there an addict ,if he or she had they would know you never recover from this .Once you got it you got it. All of the people that have had recovery know this is true.Angle is right “Knucleheads” ,I was one of those guys for a long time. Keep it up Dr.

  3. jsp4th

    I love logging on and reading rants you post…they are exactly the same way I think. I would be dead right now without bupe treatment, I know that in my heart. The road I was on ended in death, and several friends ended there addiction in that way, hitting bottom didn’t come before death, and I see people everyday who think there cured, that tell me I should “get rid of that crutch” but can they pass a drug test? They say “I’m clean”, “I’ll NEVER” use again, then there in rehab AGAIN, or trying to score from me, or in one case for me, in a casket. I don’t know if bupe. is the “solution”, but for now, it’s the best course of action for recovering opiate addicts success.
    -JayJay Sober Since July9th, 2008

  4. sco617

    This comment does not have a whole lot to do with the above posts I was reading. The part I agree and feel strongly with you Dr.J is the fact that you pointed out how this is a chronic illness of the brain and there is a mediction to put it in remission. People that want to hold on to that false hope of their being a cure or this disesase being treatable are fooling themselves and buying into what society and biased/ignorant doctors are telling them. I have a wonderful sub doc who treats the addicted using bupe no different than a dibetes patient using insulin. This is the disease-here is the medicine to put it in remission. End of story. Question everybody. Do not believe something simply because a doctor told you or most folks have told you. If you do not have the energy to investigate and learn things about the truth, it is my opinion that you should not comment at all. Anyway the real point I wanted to address was the issue of people who have legal problems because of their addiction and are put on bupe and see that it saves their life and then once put on probation they must stop taking it. This is the case in my county. It will be my personal case very soon. What could be done to make changes in the system where the probation departments allow bupe and see it as any other disease with a medication for it? They certainly do not stop folks from taking their bloodpressure meds when they are placed on probation!! I am in my junior year at the University of Cincinnati working towards my BS as an Addiction Specialist, so I an well versed in all the actions of the brain and opiate receptors. With this knowledge I have tried to convey to the powers that be how unethical and immoral this is. It just keeps the addict in the cycle of relapse. Probably because it is lining their pockets with money! At any rate I love your take on bupe and listening/reading and learning more from you. If there is anyone out there that has had any luck in appealing these judges and p.o.’s of having precedence over a doctor with what is prescribed for their patient in their best interest, let mw know. Thank you all.

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