So sorry to promise and not deliver. “But you PROMISED!” I know. I screwed it up. But I made it better – honest! The Forum is back, this time for sure… on a secure server with SSL. Seriously!! It is free, and asks for NO personal information.

I noticed that the link to ‘talk zone’ actually took people to an FTP site for ALL of my web sites. Even the ones that never went life, like the forum where people could complain about specific pharmacies. It was ready to go and then I probably got distracted by something. Maybe a bug flew past me. Hard to remember.

So I tried to fix the link on my own. BIG mistake. I forgot that little things manner like font and font sizes in computer code. What surprised me, though, was how changing one line on one page — my nav_bar header — caused a bunch of other pages to change. And I didn’t do what I learned to do a long time ago, and save the original page in case I break something. So about a week ago, there I was, frantically moving files around in the file manager and trying to remember what the code USED to look like.

I eventually hired a guy on Upwork to fix it using the database. He did — although there are a couple minor changes. I would like to get the introduction section back, and I would like to place a few ads. Not a ton of them, but with ads I get about $25 per month, enough to pay for the Upwork guy in about two years. Consider this my service to the community.

Now we just need to get more people to use it. We used to get tens of thousands per month about ten years ago. The challenge with getting traffic is that I am not formally a ‘non-profit’ covered by grant money. I know that is an issue because I have written to web sites that list ‘great addiction forums’ and that is the first thing they ask. I’ve also been told that they won’t list it because of the name of brand in the title — which is the subox part. I get it, but the site has a certain reputation after all the years. The other forums I used to compete with are mostly gone. But I still need help from those of you who are interested in having it back.

So… a couple things. Post on your Facebook feed that SuboxForum is back. Use Google to search for SuboxForum, and then click on the link and answer a question or two. As always, feel free to use a fake name, and set up and anonymous email account that you use just for joining things online.

If you use Twitter, tweet it out that we are back. Any other ideas out there? I have tried to run Google ads to get the word out, but doing that now requires spending about $4000 to have another company ‘verify’ that I have a legitimate treatment program. The annoying thing is that there are so many ‘legitimate’ treatment companies that advertise through Google, and their web sites are often loaded with articles that were cut and pasted from THIS blog! How twisted the world has become…

Thanks all!

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