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  1. june miller

    hi doc,
    i wrote you a while back. for some reason cannot figure out how to write directly so i will post in the comment section.
    in any case, i have been on suboxone for the past 10 weeks, was doing fairly well, despite chronic pain issues and trying to find alternative ways of dealing with migraines and fibromyalgia.
    a week ago friday i was in a fairly nasty bicycle accident, dislocating y shoulder, my clavicle and tearing my AV ligament in a partial tear. my prescribing doc talked to my orthopedist and she said it was fine for me to use pain medication but would need a much higher dose. so i am taking like 1o dilaudid suppositories a day to just keep the discomfort level down, with no feeling of being high, other than light withdrawals when it wears off during the night.
    i am planning to return to suboxone as soon as possible, but on the other hand, am not so great at handling pain. i know once i return, it is pointless to use opiates. btw: i was using as much ibuprophen as i could tolerate but ended up with wicked stomach cramping despite eating with my pills.
    this might sound strange, but dilaudid suppositories are the only opiate i have ever been able to tolerate without feeling absolutely bat poop crazy. my addiciton kicked full force in after a medication switch this past spring to opana, having used dilaudid for years as prescribed. i ended up snorting the drug, for some ungodly reason that i rationalized that i needed a stronger route of administration. its just the addict in me that suddenly wanted to be totally high, as opposed to just pain free.
    my question is this: my tolerance is obviously high since being on suboxone. will it suddenly drop once its finally out of my system? i am hoping to only be on pain meds for a few more days. i just don’t want to end up being left in pain. i have started PT and out from work on disability, and am trying to both take it easy and at my doc and PT’s advise also use my arm somewhat to keep it from losing my range of motion.
    what are your thoughts. i feel ok for the most part, like i said, the opiates are working for pain, but in twice the amount i have ever used when i was actively on opiates. (i was always under doctor’s care, and for a few years, the opiates actually improved my quality of life, being pain free, until i decided to abuse them.
    i am currently in out-patient treatment, and my doc there is the one who has prescribed the suboxone. she has spoken with all of my doctors after the accident and made recommendations, though it is fairly difficult to get in touch with her otherwise.

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