1. Wpr123

    I’ve been on suboxone 16 mg for almost 3 years I am feeling lots of anxiety due to my doctor that writes my subscription is on an emergency leave when I called to check on my refill the nurse advised me to go to another Doctor and even gave met the phone. Imbedded ..I called these do toes k owing I would. It get in for at least a month an that’s exactly what happened ended up two months I started to panic a I was already without for a day and knew I needed help so I called my regular doctor he said he can’t write the prescription and advised maybe to go to methadone I did not want to convert so he said the best he could do was the patches of 7.5 I agreed since he said that it was the same drug ..they are not working good at all I feel pain in my legs my neuropathy pain is huge and I have terrible headache..My doctor will be back on the 13th and I’m praying that I can do this.. I am 100 percent that suboxone works I am worried my street is not correct something is off I need advice is this the same as suboxone?

    • NO! The patch is MUCH weaker than Suboxone or buprenorphine tablets. When you take 16 mg of buprenorphine or Suboxone, you absorb about 5 mg per day. The Butrans patch comes in several doses; I assume you are referring to the 7.5 patch. That patch releases 7.5 MICROgrams, per HOUR. If you convert to milligrams, the 7.5 patch gives you 0.18 milligrams per day!
      So again– you are used to getting 5 mg of buprenorphine per day. On the patch you are getting 0.2 mg per day– about 4 % of your regular dose! It is the same drug, but the patch has much, much less of that drug. Even the biggest patch only delivers about a half milligram per day– which is much lower than your tolerance level.
      ANY doctor can prescribe Suboxone or buprenorphine for pain. The special certification is NOT necessary when it is used to treat pain- only when it is used to treat addiction.

  2. Hi everyone. Can someone help me out right away please with a question I have to ask please ?
    I have taken 16mg of suboxone yesterday Saturday July 1st, 2017 at about 3:00pm. It is 11:00pm tonight Sunday July 2nd. So it’s been exactly 32 hours since my last dose of the 16mg of suboxone. I have 2 APO 80mg OXYs and 4 20mg football OXYs. So 2mutiplied by 80mg of OXYs = 160mg of OXYs. Plus the 4 footballs multiplied by 20mg OXYs = 80mg of OXYs. So 160mg + 80mg = 240mg of OXYs that I all have on me right now. So my question is how much longer or how many more hours should I have to wait before I can take all the 240mg of OXYs, mind you I took 16mg of suboxone 32 hours ago.
    Thank you for reading my post !
    Please respond to me ASAP I am in a great amount of pain and want to take these 240mg of OXYs as soon as I can.

  3. Joanne Kittner

    Hello, I am a 69 yr old female that had a neck injury with 3 surgery’s. I was addicted to oxicotin & perks for 15 yrs . I detox at home & for the last 15 yrs I have been on Subs. I just recently detox from Subs 4 weeks today. I feel like crap. How much longer will I feel like crap? Does any one know. I have no energy. Still have too much pain from all my surgery’s but I can deal with that pain. Please can any one out there help me? I am close to going back on the Subs just for energy if nothing else. Tks. I’ll

    • Remember that the issue isn’t withdrawal from X medication… the issue is recovering from opioid tolerance. Your body doesn’t really care where that tolerance came from.
      It takes 2-3 months to recover from a sudden change in opioid stimulation. Some people describe ‘PAWS’, or post-acute withdrawal syndrome, but personally I think that those symptoms can be explained by a portion of patients developing major depression secondary to withdrawal. If you eat healthy, avoid substances, get some amount of exercise, and have a regular sleep schedule, I would say that when you wrote the question you were halfway back to normal… providing you stay away from opioids.

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