This is the last time I will mention this– this week anyway.  Please check out the new and improved Suboxone Forum;  register, bookmark it, share it with your friends, and spread the word.  Sign up with a fake name and be anonymous.  Help me with this push to get to critical mass:  post about it on other addiction sites and drag people over.
Again, the difference is that there will be no arguing over your choice of treatment for opiate dependence;  nobody talking you out of Suboxone;  and nobody talking you into it.  The bottom line is that opiate dependence sucks– and we want to hear how YOU deal with it.  Have a question about something from this blog?  Take it to the forum.   Know the answer?  Please help me out– and answer it!  Make the place YOURS.  If you have a request or an idea, let me know!
And a special ‘thanks, man!’ for Jim J. for volunteering his incredible coding talents.  He is also responsible for talking me out of my idea to bring in new traffic– namely posting a picture of me with my shirt off.  I still think it might have worked… but he seemed so SURE of himself!


blc · April 19, 2009 at 10:59 pm

Another thing you may want to consider, and I’m not sure how to do it in wordpress, but with blogger it’s possible to change the settings so that only the first so many lines are displayed in a third party reader, i.e. google reader, then the reader must click through to the actual blog site to view the rest of the article. I don’t know about your readership, personally I read all my blogs using a third party reader. My point, is that by making people visit your blog to read the material “below the fold” then those readers are also able to view any ads you have on your site. By using a third party reader to read the whole post, readers never see the ads on your site. Just a thought to drive more traffic to your site. Also, I know you’re not supposed to ask readers to click on the ads just for the sake of generating what tiny profit they may generate, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with informing your readers that if they make a purchase with Amazon, that if they first click on your amazon ad (whether or not the product they intend to buy is the product being advertised on the amazon ad) prior to placing their order, then navigating to whatever purchase they want to make on the amazon site, this blog will get credit (again, a very tiny amount) but hey, even if it helps keep the lights on. I’m sure most who read your posts are able to see the amount of time you put into this ultra-low-almost-non-profit blog. Just a thought. Thanks again for your posts.

jamez70 · April 20, 2009 at 12:10 am

Yeah, it looks pretty good! Hahh No shirt? Maybe it would have worked, but only to demonstrate a buprenorphine patch in the name of science!
I have the ‘blog posts automagically get added to the forum’ thing working locally, and perhaps you’d like to add it to the forum. We could also feed in the Bupe news you have on the side in there. Like blc’s comment it will only show the first few lines in the post. The more post, the more people notice and join. Get the word out!

angelo212 · April 20, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Come on Doc. Take your shirt off God Damn It. BLC that sound like a great idea. Like you said “as long as it keeps the lights on”. Good way of putting it.
Doc, you really need to spend some of that little time you have on your forum. Many questions are geared to you and alot of wrong answeres go on there. Also many many unanswered questions. Just a heads up so that you might want to take a peak now and then and at least answere some questions that never get answered.

SuboxDoc · April 20, 2009 at 7:38 pm

You’re right– (not about the shirt)– I’ll try to get more involved there myself.

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