1. Thank you again for helping us “correct” the assumptions made by this poster on our blog, Doc.
    It never fails to surprise me how easily people spout misconceptions, as though it were fact, when it comes to addiction!

  2. angelo212

    “Yes, it COULD work—just like we COULD have ‘world peace'”.
    That was a great why of putting it Doc. I think you took that persons comments a little personal. I don’t even think it needed a response. People who watch your video and subscribe to your blog know about abstience treatment or faith based treatment versus suboxone, methodone natrexone etc. If you made it to suboxone it’s likely you ran the streets long enough and you been thru jails, institutes and probable died to (od’d). You know you need some form of opiate in your system always. Everytime I came home from the jail house the first think I did was get a sack of that shit even after years of abstinance. I never seen any one get clean there first time in a long term treatment center (A Theraputic Community) I know a few who got clean after there 7th or 8th time in treatment. Give them hell doc.

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