1. Stacey

    Wondering if your last paragraph would be the same for someone on a much lower dose throughout the pregnancy continuing that small dose throughout delivery and post partum or post-op. I have tapered to just under 1mg suboxone. I planned to continue my normal dose throughout the labor process regardless of how my pitocen progresses and any addl pain relief I receive. I just want to make sure this would have the same effect in regards to avoiding precipitated w/D’s . My Drs are not aware of the bupe.

      • Raychal Richardville

        I am on 6my of subutex per day and 8 months pregnant. My concern is my psychiatrist who gives me the subutex is telling me that when I go to have my csection, he is just going to increase my subutex and boy allow my OB to give me any narcotics while recovering. Then he is going to switch me from subutex to suboxone once I have come home from the hospital. I have MAJOR concerns on both of these. My OB said there is NO way she will let me be in pain and that subutex will NOT give me enough pain relief from the csection. So I think she will be able to keep me comfortable while I’m in the hospital, regardless of what the psychiatrist says. My concern with switching to suboxone is that I would like to wean off subutex as soon as I have the baby. I have heard it is a lot harder to wean off suboxone vs subutex. I am recovering from being a 5year I.v. heroin addict. I don’t want to push myself to hard, and end up relapsing…but I don’t want to end up on suboxone long term either. Also, I’m nervous that child protective services, will come to hospital and test.the babies meconium for heroin, I was told by CPS, that they can come do that and the test goes back to the first trimester and if it’s positive for heroin, they will take the baby. I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was almost 14 weeks and I checked into this program to detox at 15 1/2 weeks…So I got help as soon as I could, so why would they take the baby from someone who is following a program, and doing well? Any suggestions?

        • I’m sorry for the delay– I can’t imagine CPS taking a baby away when a person is doing the right thing and addressing her addiction. Feel free to email me at the address on my web site, fdlsuboxone.com, if I can be of any help explaining why people on buprenorphine are not impaired. And actually the same reason is why buprenorphine does NOT work for post-surgical pain, no matter the dose…. because patients are already on the ‘ceiling dose’ and full tolerance develops the opioid effects of the medication. A person on buprenorphine cannot get ‘high’, and cannot get significant pain relief, because additional doses have no additional effect.
          I hope things worked out?

      • Raychal

        Hi. Update for you…I delivered my baby boy at, 36 weeks, in March 16. He was sent to NICU due to breathing difficulties, because he was early. He spent a week there. The NICU staff needs to be educated on what a baby with withdraws actually acts like…they kept referring to a paper with symptoms listed…symptoms that also were due to a babypaper being early. The main defense I had, to avoid them giving him methadone, was he was consolable. Any time he was upset, there was a reason, they had him naked and freezing…waking him up from his sleep bc his alarm was wonky, etc. Anyway I worked closely with nurses bad the doctor day and night, to ensure he was getting better, and to get them to not give him methadone for nothe reason. When the doctor released him, DCS, who had interviewed me a day or two prior, came back and informed me theythat were taking him. They said it was because I was honest about my use of heroin while pregnant, even though I had no clue I was, and they assumed his cord.blood drug screen would be positive. His test results came back 30 min later…NEGATIVE for any drugs, only positive for the subutex I was prescribed. The DCS worker was informed immediately, yet she said it was Friday and she wouldn’t be able to get in front of a judue (it was 11am) and I was recently informed by three different caseworkers from DCS, that she could have stopped the whole thing right then, but since she had. A chip on her shoulder, she continued. So here I am, baby is three weeks old…healthy…clean …trying to nurse (milk won’t come in fully bc I don’t have him at night and can’t nurse) I have never failed a drug screen, I’m very involved in my treatment, counseling etc. The judge said the treatment I was.currently doing, didn’t test me random enough, and that I would probably start using again. This has been a complete disaster. Our entire community needs education. Subutex saved my life…my child’s life…he had NO WITHDRAWS AND TESTED NEGATIVE. all the nurses and doctors in the NICU were impressed by my knowledge, my love for my child, and.my strength for overcoming my addiction. They said “if all mom’s in recovery were like you and here with their babies every second…things would be much better.” They were all shocked with the decision of DCS. No one understands WHY…why punish me to this horrid extent for doing the right thing…and doing well in treatment? Final court date is the 23rd. I.do NOT deserve this. I pray no one else has to go through this, after overcoming addiction…and dealing with all the ridicule that comes with it. I VOW to make a change…I’m going back to school this fall to get my drug counseling degree. We have to educate these people, to understand that these.medical assisted recovery programs WORK!! It’s well.worth the funding…and if they push people like they have me, they will cause people to end up relapsing or worse…suicide. They completely broke me…my heart was ripped out. I sob terribly every time I have to leave my beautiful baby boy. What if I wasn’t this strong? What if I didn’t want to change things and help other people
        Get well and recover? DCS system is A complete JOKE

        • Wow- that’s horrible. I used to see that type of thing in my area, but things are slowly getting better. I encourage you to follow your passion, because we need passionate people to change minds. I try to get in front of the community every chance I get; I am doing a talk to my community next week and hopefully county workers will show up, since we work with the same people. I’m sorry about what you’re going through.

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