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  1. Amy

    THANK YOU!!! I have argued with people about this subject repeatedly!! They just refuse to believe that the naloxone doesnt enter the system when taken sublingually. They also believe it is the naloxone that has the blocking properties and is what blocks any other opiate that is taken, so if someone is taking subutex they arent taking a blocker…? Its simply not true.
    The naloxone is ONLY there to prevent abuse/IV injection. Naloxone is not absorbed when taken the proper way.
    And as far as the headaches, i had headaches for the first 2-3 months on suboxone, they eventually went away, and when i did get a headache, advil took it away immediately. so i think if people wait it out, take advil for the headaches then subutex wouldnt be needed, but not for everyone, there probably are people that may be allergic or have adverse effects from the naloxone…

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