I have teased this…. a description of Suboxone treatment over fifteen years, described in 183 pages as I grew to treating 279 and eventually 300 patients on buprenorphine medications.

In those early days I battled many different forces. Insurance companies demanded reasons to cover a person beyond one year. Most pharmacies had the same attitudes back then, and most scripts required a phone call explaining why buprenorphine was OK, even if someone was taking an SSRI. I responded to the hate mail back then that started after I was featured in and Addiction Professional article entitled, ‘Out to Change Attitudes about Buprenorphine.’

Those attitudes allowed pharmacies in the northern part of the state to avoid carrying Suboxone. I don’t have numbers but I suspect overdose numbers reflect that delay to this day.

I eventually collected many of my blog posts and commented on some of them… and they are below. I address treating post-op pain, and how to do it without your patient forever blaiming you for torturing them. Are benzos truly dangerous with buprenorphine? I have testified in two deaths from Suboxone, and I know how rare they are… in both deaths, the person had no tolerance to opioids or benzos and took both at the same time, at parties where they also drank. I have searched many databases and I can references to only about 40 deaths from buprenorphine each year. If you know better, please send me the citation.

The book can be found at this link, and read here or downloaded. Please share liberally, and email me with comments (if you can handle my response. I got tougher over the years):


Anonymous · March 23, 2024 at 7:07 pm

Hey, you mention on here that you have some videos talking about “the state of mind you want to be in” before/during tapering Suboxone? I tried the website soberaftersub.com but it didn’t work. Do you still have those videos?

    J Junig MD PhD · March 23, 2024 at 9:19 pm

    Gosh, that was so long ago. If you go to YouTube and look up Suboxdoc most of the videos are still there. I am 14 years younger then… it was so easy to be number one back then that I never appreciated it. I probably should put up a few updates and I will try to get moving!

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