1. angelo212

    Great post. I’m surprised the company treated you like that considering you really push there product (because it works not because of money). I’m sure a company will definitely will pick it up since it will go generic. I sure hope so.

  2. blc

    Likewise I’m hopeful for a generic equivalent. I am a long term (3+ yr) bupe patient – cash pay, since BCBS (In)Complete dropped it from their covered formulatory about three months after I began treatment. It works for me however, and all in all a combined $700 per month (doc and meds) is still significantly cheaper, healthier, and much less dangerous than active opiate addiction. I trust, Doc, you will let us know when a generic equivalent is available??? I am a faithful appreciative subscriber to your blog, and while I frequently ask my pharmacist whether a generic is on the horizon, I somehow feel he doesn’t go out of his way to check. Thanks for your great work – I hope you continue to find the time to keep it up, and I anxiously await your book.

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