• The length of time can vary widely, and 50% of newborns have no significant withdrawal from buprenorphine. The symptoms can be reduced by breastfeeding, which provides small amounts of buprenorphine to the baby and helps with the taper off the medication. Opioid withdrawal in adults typically lasts 2-3 months; I would expect the symptoms in a newborn to resolve in less time than that. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.

  1. Kate cordova

    I’m 7 months pregnant I take an 8th of a soboxone .every other day and my doc my dose not no I cry constantly. BC of my fear that they will take my son I am on a. Lot of meds that i can’t get. Off BC of my mental disorder like benzios I am so scared how bad will my baby withdrawal BC of the soboxone I take and will they take my son please help me

    • Velma christman

      Please let your obgyn know. They wilk treat yoyr baby. My grandson was born in march and his mom took subox please dont wait. Your mot a bad person …your better yet if your honest

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