Every now and then I will receive a donation fo the site.  I don’t receive any support other than Google adsense revenue, which as most webmasters know brings in only a couple bucks per day with a web site this size.  So donations are very much appreciated.  Today I received a donation in the mail, in the form of a money order.  There was no return address, so I have no way to thank the person– other than through this post.  Thanks!
I AM looking for a way to pay for upgrades for the blog and for the forum;  I am looking at funding opportunities through NIDA, SAMHSA, or pharmaceutical companies, but to date have not formally applied for a grant.  If a reader would like to be listed on a ‘supporters’ page, either by name or by listing the name of a business, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] .  If I ever do receive support from pharma or other industries, the support will be disclosed openly.