Chat with me

On Wednesday, 4/29 I will be at for ‘live chat’ from 7:00-8:00 PM, US Central Time.  If you are out and about on the internet, stop by and say hi.  I don’t have a specific topic, so if you have any questions for me, bring them along.  Just go to the bottom of the page at and click on the button that says ‘click to join chat’.  If you haven’t registered, you will have to do that first– but there is no charge.  You can edit the preferences for your account so that you will either receive or not receive e-mails that I send out;  I have sent out 3 mass e-mails in 3 years, so you won’t get flooded with them!  I am thinking that I will use the e-mail function to send out announcements before similar chat sessions in the future, say if I get a ‘special guest’ or have a specific topic to talk about.  I will NOT give or sell your e-mail addresses to someone else;  doing so would go against my principles, plus I would have no idea how to find someone who would even want them!
I hope to see you there.  One last thing… we have never tested the chat function out before.  So if it doesn’t work– if you go there and click on it and find yourself in a room all by yourself– I’m really sorry!  I have tested the ‘click’ button, and that works great… I just haven’t ever tried to go there when someone else was available to chat with me!  Again that’s Wednesday, two days from tonight, at 7-8 PM Central time.

CHAT now on

My computer-genius friend JJ has added chat to;  Someone go over there and try it and see if it works!  I just tried it myself, and it works fine when I was chatting one-on-one with myself…
All of this is a work in progress.  If anyone has ideas for the blog or forum or anything else, please let me know– [email protected] is my ‘idea line’.  You will note the RSS feed at the bottom of Subox Forum;  you can use that to follow the new posts using Outlook or Google Reader or any of the other newsreaders out there.  There are also now RSS feeds directly from this blog and from other blogs to the forum, allowing the easy posting of comments to the blog posts or to other comments.
Stay tuned:  there are still a few ideas up our sleeves… but in the meantime consider clicking on the chat section and leaving it open when you are on the site– that way it will let other people know you are there in case someone wants to say ‘hi’.