My ebook guide to Buprenorphine/Suboxone

I have talked about the book I am working on– I decided at some point to come out with two things. I receive so many questions about Suboxone– apparently many doctors don’t come up with suggestions for dealing with surgery, pain, etc. So I have produced an e-book that describes my approach to dealing with all of the little things that can become big things without proper guidance. The e-book is called ‘A User’s Guide to Suboxone’, and can be downloaded for $9.95 using the links below.
This book is all very practical– not theory.  It discusses how I handle planned vs emergency surgery, pregnancy, inductions from high tolerances, tapering…  I don’t want people to use this as the final say, but rather to use the information to spark conversation with their physician.
The other book is still a ways away, and is more like 300 pages long– it contains a number of theoretical discussions about Suboxone, including a great deal of info from my blog that has been cleaned up and organized better.
I hope you like what I have produced;  The guide contains the topics that people ask about the most when they send me e-mails.  As always, thank you for placing your trust in my opinions.  If there are topics not covered in this handbook that you would like to see covered, please leave a comment with your suggestions.
Again, the e-book is my ‘User’s Guide to Suboxone’, and the cost is $9.95.  After purchase you are immediately taken to a page with a download link, and also e-mailed the link.  There is a 4-letter code sent at the same time that is needed to open the e-book.

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User's Guide to Suboxone
User's Guide to Suboxone