Can't Find Long-Term Suboxone Doctor

An e-mail:
I’m stuck in methadone-land, no one will write long term for Suboxone. I feel trapped and utterly helpless. I’ve been on methadone for a year and a half, and just see no real end in sight. I am tired all the time, and my friend said that he got on Suboxone and it changed his life. I’ve been reading about it and trying to find someone in my city to do it but they all only do 90 day detox programs. What if anything can I do? I’m out of options short of driving several hours to doctors in other big cities. I’m in Wichita Ks and the next closest is OKC or KC.
My reply:
I assume you have tried the physician-finder web sites; in case you haven’t, one is here at, and the other here at If you haven’t investigated the local practices lately, I encourage you to check them out again; practices have changed, and more and more docs are realizing that Suboxone is best used long term. A few years ago 70% of scripts were for detox/short-term; now 70% are for long-term use.
Consider posting at and maybe someone from your part of the country will have some ideas about docs in your area.