My book

Hi all–   sorry for the infrequent posting lately.  I am trying to finish a book about Suboxone and about addiction, and by the time I finish working in my practice each day I have little time to divide between the blog, the book, and a few other projects.  I just told the folks at that I was leaving the expert forums in addiction and chronic pain;  I simply have too many things going on at once.    I stay up ’til past midnight every night answering questions, then get up the next day, race to the office ten minutes late (again),  pick at the book over my lunch hour, then spend the evening on the computer after gettting home.  Another example, by the way, of addictive behavior.
The book will include much of this blog, organized in such a way so that a reader can pick it up and learn about chronic pain and Suboxone, pregnancy and opiate dependence, etc.   There will be new info as well;  the initial chapter tells ‘my story’ along with some learning points, and all of the things lifted from the blog will be cleaned up, with some sections written ‘more efficiently’ and others elaborated on more extensively.  I hope you all will like it.
I have decided to self-publish the book under the label ‘Terminally Unique Publishing’, borrowing a phrase from the Recovery literature.  You’ll have to buy the book if you don’t understand the meaning of the phrase!  And speaking of buying the book… I ask that you all save up your pennies so that when the book is released, you will help make an impression for  If you like the book I will ask you to leave nice comments.  If you don’t like it…   maybe you could forget to write the bad reviews for a few days!  I would like to get your help with the marketing if possible;  I will try to figure out a way for you to make a commission for any sales that originate with you.  For example, if you get your doc to put the book on a shelf in his office with purchase info, I think I will be able to set it up so that any purchase from that office would be credited to the person who was responsible for getting it placed there.
Thank you for your patience in the meantime.  I am shooting to have my part done by mid-September, then it goes to an independent editor, then cover design, then the printer… then Amazon and other retail outlets…   hopefully getting the first copy printed by Halloween.
Wish me luck– and your eventual help will be SO appreciated!