I mentioned that the DEA removed limits on the number of patients a prescriber may have on buprenorphine medications. I can treat more patients, so I am taking new Suboxone patients in Wisconsin. Search engines like to see relevant words over and over, so I’ll add that I’m taking new buprenorphine patients in Wisconsin too. I’m also taking patients seeking treatment for heroin addiction. And taking patients seeking help for opioid use disorder.

New Suboxone Patients in Wisconsin
New Patients Welcome in WI

Getting views has become tricky these days. Sometimes it helps to include relevant words like methadone treatment, fentanyl, or oxycodone. Some history: I was closely attuned to the internet in those early days of the 1990s. I moved from Philadelphia to Fond du Lac in 1992 and was thrilled when America Online produced a library of newspapers in my basement. I eventually bought domain names and produced web pages. I could easily rank in the top three or four spots on search engines back then.

In the mid-2000 I began producing recorded psychiatry board study guides at the same time that I studied for boards myself. I set up a system where the recordings could be purchased and downloaded for $49.99 and turned on the computer each morning to find another several hundred dollars in my account. My blog and forum rapidly grew, and I made enough ad money to pay for those sites.

Then, almost overnight, things changed. Google changed its search algorithms and the positions of my sites fell. An entire industry of SEO experts was born. I have always done things myself and I refused to pay for services that I believed I could learn on my own. In retrospect that was a mistake, and I should have brought on an expert or two at some point.

With the removal of the patient cap, I would like to run some Google Ads and bring in a few new patients. But running an ad for anything related to addiction requires ‘certification’, which has an initial fee of over $5000 and ongoing annual charges to ‘maintain certification.’ I find that annoying since I am already paying a significant amount for state and DEA licensing… so I’ll try getting the word out this way first.

So again, if you’re struggling with opioids, please check out my websites… I have dozens of them!! My buprenorphine-devoted site is most relevant…. To get a sense of how I see the world, you can review the back-pages of this blog or my answers to questions on the Forum.

Did I mention – I’m also taking new Suboxone patients in Wisconsin.

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