I have been closed to new patients for several years, and I now have about ten open spots. If you do well, I am the least expensive option out there; something I have been committed to since the opening of my practice. I am in no hurry to fill the spots, and instead my focus is on finding appropriate patients. If you are interested, visit my web site at FDL Suboxone.

Appropriate patients are people who are completely, without question, sick and tired of the using world. If you are currently using opioid agonists, I suggest that you enter a higher level of care, for example a rehab facility that uses medication-assisted treatments or a ‘methadone clinic’ that also provides buprenorphine.

If you go to a methadone program, INSIST on buprenorphine. Clinics often try to get people on methadone, as that prevents those people from leaving. Methadone CANNOT be prescribed by independent physicians, so if you go on methadone you will depend on ‘the clinic’ for life. Insist on buprenorphine and you will see the push-back I am prescribing. Insist on buprenorphine, and complain to your state medical board if they do not allow you to use it.

If you have been stable on buprenorphine or methadone for at least a year, send me an email at drj@fdlpsych.com, and we will discuss your situation.