1. armme

    Have you tried using medications like MAXALT or IMMITREX for your migraines? I have had migraines since I started puberty and actually found that (even though prescribed them countless times) opioids usually made my nausea worse and the headache didn’t go away. It was a great thing to have in my chart that I HAD migraines when I was withdrawing and needed to get well-but when I really had a migraine an Excedrin would work better than the Demerol they usually gave me in the ER.
    I use IM Toradol for endometriosis and that is also a wonder drug (although dangerous in it’s own way)–but it only seems to take the edge off my migraines. I can honestly say that when I am in the throes of a migraine that even the addict in me is not tempted by a nice shot at the ER–because it doesn’t work I have heard the same thing from many patients with migraine.
    I guess what I am getting at is MAYBE your migraines are another form of headache–and if thats true maybe a correct diagnosis will help you get the best treatment options, possibly without having to worry about addiction?
    PS- for the Doctor…I have noticed a weird phenomenon surrounding Fibromyalgia and I was just wondering if you had any thoughts….its SEEMS like many opiate addicts are now being diagnosed with this illness. Do you think it’s possible it’s just PAWS or that it MIGHT have something to do with using opiates long term?

  2. juneleaves

    thanks so much for your very thoughtful reply.
    i have tried a laundry list of different prophylactic meds, including topamax. actually since going on suboxone, i am at about the best i’ve ever been. its pretty much par for course for me to get the occasional monster.
    nope, not rebound headaches, i’ve had those, but generally don’t get them from opiates. nor is it sinus…my migraines are pretty classic, with a preceding aura. i actually successfully warded one off yesterday by recognizing the aura, taking frova and sleeping for a few hours. its great when my meds work! its usually 50/50 chance.
    yea, i am definitely an addict. i won’t dispute tha! i have an addicts mind and am being as honest as possible also knowing that i am in the acute recovery phase, so everything will feel much more intense, particularly pain.
    as for the 16mg 2x a day of suboxone…that’s what they decided to put me on based on my previous use and pain issues. my doc would like to get me down to one time a day soon, but have just wanted to get me stabilized first.
    i am going to try the guifanesin treatment, a NP friend of my has suggested it, as it has helped her fibromyalgia symptoms.
    chronic pain and addiction is tricky. i’d love more than anything not to get migraines at all. not to wake up hurting, despite stretching and doing a mild yoga practice daily. i go easy with exercise, as in the past i’d push myself then really find myself in much worse shape pain-wise. i will occasionally go through a period of feeling really well, only to be blind-sided by a heavy head-ache. so in other words, i am not feeding it emotionally, it just happens, then i feel demoralized about that. feeling bad about feeling bad, as the saying goes. and yes, i sleep regularly, stay well hydrated and eat very few processed foods. it does seem that my allergies will trigger a very painful headache. i call this the “sprouting seed.” it starts like a pinprick, then expands and moves from side to side in the fashion of an ice-pick.
    ok, well i’ll se about Ultram. i am trying to take it a day at a time and go slow as possible, which is very difficult all in all. but without my health, i have nothing. and i know with my addiction, i will lose everything if i keep running the show.

  3. armme

    Good luck with everything–sounds like you certainly have tried everything. I only wished everyone would find something that works as well as Maxalt does for me. My poor father has migraines that take days to go away–and the throwing up is every half hour for him. But he’s OLD SCHOOL and the only remedy he will take is a walk (he says it helps him sleep later). And God forBID he take a day off from work! He’s got more tolerance for pain than I!
    Good luck!

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