1. Locust

    Thank you for your input I’m on my 4th day of Suboxone withdraws and and keeping a log as well which I intend to share. on this sight after day 7 . Everything you say here seems to be accurate .Getting cold then hot ,Diarrhea ,Restless Leg Syndrome and inconsistent sleep seem to sum it up at least for me .Keeping active during the day I think is a huge part of success . The nights are tough because my body is tired but I can only sleep a couple hours at a time at most . I haven’t been fighting the sleep thing I’ve been accepting as part of the process if I can’t sleep I just go watch TV. But I’m here to tell people who want or need to get off Suboxone its possible at least so far for me withdrawal is tolerable you just need a plan a routine and force yourself to do things because you won’t feel like it and accept the discomforts as part of the process

    • Good luck! When people stop from higher doses – say from 4 mg or more – the withdrawal peaks by about 10 days. It peaks earlier in people who ‘jump’ from lower doses. People often will feel like they are through most of it, then a bad day comes along, which often trips them up. Hang in there – consider checking out my forum too, where you’ll find other people in the tapering process.

      • Locust

        Thanks for the warning on the possibility of the bad day. I’m now in the end end day for and had a pretty good day . Even made it out to dinner with a freind>But still refuse to let my guard down -expect the worse hope for the best .I basically jumped from 2mg .Was on 2mg for about 5 years. total on Suboxone 10 years . This drug saved my life I don’t regret being on it as long as I was but there comes a time for everything. And I will check out your forum.

  2. R

    I’m excited to see your suggestions to tapering off. I haven’t touched base in awhile due to caring for my baby. I’m happy to share he is healthy happy and home! DcS closed my case stating that I had done such an outstanding job getting help on my own, they should have never been involved!

  3. Linda

    I have been on suboxone since 2009 l am happy to say my tapering off is so easy l wish l had done years ago but the horror stories of withdraw kept coming in my mind but l am at a point where l don’t care l am tired of being depended on something . l use to take 14 Sunday a month right now l am down to 3 and this has taken place over 6 months by the end of 2018 l Will be off suboxone.

    • Good job! Yes, most of my patients worry about the need to eventually taper off the medication, and I always encourage people (who have been stable for at least a year) to consider a very slow taper. Once they make a little progress, most of that fear goes away.

  4. I’m taking 6 mg per day. Cutting down to 4mg in 3 days. I plan on staying on 4mg for 10 days then down to 2mg then 1,etc.. I heard there is a new med for withdrawals. I would love to have that but I haven’t exactly been getting the suboxone from a doctor so not sure if that’s even possible.

    • Yes, lofexidine was recently FDA-approved for treating opioid withdrawal. The medication is due to be released this month, and we will soon get a sense of whether it makes a real difference or not. It is in the same general drug class as clonidine, a medication that also reduces opioid withdrawal but with significant sedation. Supposedly lofexidine has actions greater and different than the actions of clonidine.

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