1. angelo212

    I’m surprised that the FDA approved a generic Subutex without approving a generic Suboxone at the same time. When the two drugs were originally approved it was contingent on both medications being available simultaneously with Subutex mostly being used for in-office inductions and in a few special cases of adverse reaction to Suboxone or pregnant women.
    When the DEA rescheduled all buprenorphine products from schedule V to schedule III part of their reasoning was that they feared widespread misuse by injection, as was seen in some countries that only had Subutex. I don’t understand why suddenly that’s not important anymore. There has been very little abuse in the US when compared to countries that have Subutex as the major medication. It seems to me for the FDA to maintain consistent reasoning they should have delayed the approval of generic Subutex until a generic Suboxone was available. If generic Subutex ends up being much less expensive it will have negative impact abuse, which will prompt further regulation and restrict access to treatment.

  2. Jeff

    When I was first looking into the availability of generic formulations, I too was surprised that both products were not being launched at the same time. The manufacturer has said that producing generic Subutex is easier than producing the Suboxone- they are having difficulties combining the two active ingredients in Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) into a sublingual tablet that works as well as the name brand version. FDA will not approve the generic formulation until they have developed a tablet that works- obviously Reckitt-Benckiser isn’t going to be providing any help to generic manufactuers in creating a tablet as it will simply continue to erode their market share…

  3. dmcguigan

    I live in Oregon. Tried to purchase generic at Costco and they said it did not exist. How would I go about informing? The copay on brand name for 30 tabs, was $60. The copay on generic would have been $20.
    How does the word get spread out to Oregon? Thanks, Diane

  4. ninemiles

    they took the generic subutex off the market. Reckitt Benckiser just got a year extension on the patent. So no generic for subutex or suboxone for atleast one more year. They fought hard to keep that patent. It all comes down to greed. This company has had this drug over 15yrs making a killing off of the need of addicts. I think it is wrong but there is nothing we can do as the people (which i think is crap) becasuse it all comes down to money. Plus the goverment is not going to help because more than likely some politicians have stock in pharm companys. It shows were we are as a country. Obama passes a bill to were we will help pay for abortions in other country’s; so if we have the money to do that then why cant we help our own. My mom always said you can’t help somebody if you can’t help yourself. This drug suboxone saved my life. It is truely a helpful drug when it comes to addiction. It works the best but its the hardest to find and the most expensive. If you compare to methadone. I am a addict am found help in the suboxone program. At Target in my hometown of Florence South Carolina the generic subutex was 3 dollars a pill. But now it is off the market. I am glad also that i did not switch from suboxone to subutex because everyone i know who was on subutex says that suboxone last longer and just helps you out alot more.

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