1. kara

    That answer kind of worries me. I am having surgery next week. I have been on Sub 8mg for nearly 2 years now (gosh that seems like a long time, but beside the point for right now). Anyway, I went from 8mg to 4mg a couple of weeks ago. For the last 3 days I have been on 2mg. I took the last 2mg pill that I plan on taking until the surgery (next Thursday – so a full week). It sounds like the sub will be completely out of my system by then, but I will still have a high tolerance? Will I really need that much pain medication afterward to control the pain? 20 pills per day of 10mg oxycodone seems pretty scary to me, but I am terrified of being in pain too. I told the nurse that because of the sub, my tolerance would be high and that vicodin wasn’t going to do anything for me. She wrote that down and said the doc would prescribe percocet, but she didn’t say what the dose would be. She also said that perocet was the strongest thing they could prescribe. What should I do? I have an appt with my sub doctor on Monday, but I don’t know how willing he will be to give me really strong meds. I’m not even sure how to ask him. What do I say to him and how much pain med do you think I really need? Surely not morphine or anything, right? As an aside, I intend to go right back on the sub after the pain is gone, but you said I should wait 24 hours?
    Thanks for any info you can give me.

  2. jimwalsh

    I am a physician in Seattle. In two c-section cases we have found that high affinity opiates (fentanyl or hydromorphone) delivered by PCA can provide adequate anesthesia even while sublingual buprenorphine is continued.

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