1. nathans

    You *must* write the book for three reasons:
    1) You have an exceptionally important message to deliver.
    2) Your personal struggle with addiction combined with your professional training plus your every day clinical experience add up to a unique triplet; thereby impacting your message with authority (read: credibility).
    3) You have a compelling writing voice and easily readable style.
    Therefore, write the damn book!

    • Thanks Nathan! It is pretty much done– but I have not been successful at getting the attention of a publisher. I HAVE received offers from the places that expect some payment up front; I am not interested in ‘vanity publishing’, and if necessary I’ll just self-publish.
      Thanks again!

  2. Matt2

    I’m really suprised to hear no one was willing to publish your book without money up front. Then again I know very little about modern publishing but considering how much of a problem opiate addiction has become in recent years you’d think a publisher would realize the $ signs your book could turn out. I really am hoping someone eventually decides to give your book a “go” because I truly do feel that you deserve some compensation for all the time you’ve spent here and all the help and information you’ve provided us with for free. I just hope you realize that even if the book does go unpublished that you have helped so many more of us than you realize. For example when I heard of the success rates you’ve experienced with opiate addicts staying on Suboxone/high dose bup longterm I decided to not taper off like individuals in my life were pushing me to do. As a result of staying clean through staying on Suboxone/high dose bup I’ve been able to stay in school long enough to complete a bachelor’s and now I’m very close to marrying “the one who got away” . She had to call it quits with me around 4 years ago when my using was starting to tear our relationship apart. She was very apprehensive about giving me another chance but now about a year after we’ve been back together (and I haven’t used most importantly) we’re set to be married within the next year. I obviously don’t know what would have happened to me for sure had I tapered off /Suboxone/bup about 3 years ago but given the statistics and my failed previous attempts at staying clean without Sub/bup I have very little doubt I’d be using again by now or I’d be dead from an OD. It really was only because of your charity, knowledge, and experiences that I stayed on the medication. So I apologize for a particularly long reply but I just wanted you to know how much you’ve helped others like me even though your book hasn’t been published yet. Rest assured though if it ever is I’ll be the first in line to get a copy!

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