1. I think you should ask the pharmacist if he works for free? I mean, maybe he doesn’t make the very GOOD living that most pharmacists make by charging money for prescriptions that sick people need to live? How can a PHARMACIST possibly not see the hipocrisy in demeaning your work by calling you “money grubbing” when all he is required to do is stand around in a white coat and hand out pills all day?!
    Yes, I know, I am being catty. But nothing makes me more angry than someone in “recovery” who thinks they know how everyone else in recovery should find their way! I put quotes around the “recovery” [about this pharmacist] because I think anyone who spends so much time worrying about how other people navigate recovery can’t possibly be as healed as they would like everyone to believe they are!
    The absurdity and irony of this NA group telling this woman to get off meds just proves to me (once again) why NA harms far more addicts than it helps. I hope if she’s attending a group it’s AA now!

  2. luzzi308

    I had an experience somewhat similar to this one. Tuesday I had an appointment with my pain management specialist that I had been referred to by my orthopedic surgeon. This was my third or fourth prescription for suboxone. I left the prescription there on my way home from the Dr (10:30 AM). When I went back at 6:30 PM the pharmacist told me he couldn’t let me have the prescription because he called the Dr and he was not able to give him some secret number that only certain doctors were allowed to have to write prescriptions for . He started to lecture me. He said that he knew what these drugs were used for. There was a huge line of people behind me. I just decided that I wasn’t going to let him humiliate and embarrass me like that. I replied that he obviously didn’t know what he was doing. He really lost his composure then and started shouting at me. I just let him go on and make a fool of himself. I wasn’t going to let him get away with treating me like some kind of criminal or dope addict. I asked him what am I supposed to do now. He said “do you want me to call the Dr again” . I said “what good is that going to do it is almost 7:00 P M”. Besides you said he didn”t know the secret number”. I told him again that he really was going to cause me a lot of pain. He said “all I can do is call again maybe they will let me give you some other narcotic”. This is still all loud enough for everyone in the store to hear. I just said “no you could have done your job in the first place”. Then he blows up again. He said ” that prescription layed there all day long no one called me back”. I said if you knew as much as you said you do you could have called me. I could have gone right back to his office and gotten this all cleared up. Let me point out this is not just some little fly by night Dr office. The Dr runs a large pain treatment clinic in San Diego Ca that takes up an entire floor of a large office building.
    Sorry to ramble on but the good doc mentioned something in his comment above about counting your pills. I had this happen to me at my previous pharmacy. I got shorted 10 pills. I don’t know if we have any recourse but I didn’t notice till the following day but went back right away but the pharmacy manager told me there was no way he made a mistake. I would think that if this stuff is as tightly controlled as they say it wouldn’t be that hard to check his inventory and see that they possibly did make a mistake. He wouldn’t even do that. According to him there was just “no way he made a mistake”. He just turned his back and walked away and I was just standing there in disbelief. I actually thought he would check at least. As if this weren’t enough I told my physician about it at my next appointment (I just bit the bullet as to the shortage of medication) he goes “that’s one”. I ask him what does that mean? He replies that he gives his patients 3 strikes before he cuts them off.
    If weren’t so true it would be funny.

  3. Your comments really make me angry. There is ignorance, and there are rude people, and there are pompous people… but ignorant, rude, and pompous people really shouldn’t be allowed to work in any area of health care.
    Your pharmacist was simply wrong– the ‘x number’ is the ‘secret number’ that those of us treating addiction with Suboxone use– we are given the number when we get the ‘waiver’ to treat addiction with Suboxone. BUT– you do NOT need an ‘x number’ to prescribe Suboxone for pain! Doctors can use their regular DEA number to prescribe Suboxone for pain, and that is probably written on the prescription that you took in. The pharmacist also could look it up– although if this is a big pain clinic it would surely be on file at the pharmacy.
    It is actually even sillier than that– I don’t want to give away too much info, but the ‘x-number’ is very easily determined from knowing the DEA number. In other words, unless the pharmacist is a complete fool he should know the x number, and shouldn’t even have to look it up. I wonder if all of that was just a bunch of garbage to hassle you– hard to imagine, but I can’t imagine why else the pharmacist would say what he did.
    I strongly encourage you to follow this through. If the pharmacist said something about your medical care that was heard by others, that alone is a violation of your privacy. And to then essentially humiliate you, and then deny you service– I would be writing a very detailed letter about the pain I experienced as a consequence of being denied service, about how it felt having your health information broadcast to strangers, about how it felt having a health care ‘professional’ (pharmacists do less and less to deserve that title these days) put you down for something you cannot control… I would make several copies of the letter, and send them to the head of the pharmacy dept of the store, the store manager, and the various VPs of the chain or parent company. I would write that I wanted a reply, including an explanation of how this was appropriate, and an explanation of what they were going to do to correct the problem. If I needed a hobby I would call again a week later if I had not heard back, and I would keep calling or writing until I felt that someone had noticed.
    I’m not done yet!
    I get a bit worked up sometimes… I would send e-mails to the local newspapers and see if anyone wanted to do a story on the privacy of patients standing in line in drugstores, as you have an interesting story to tell.
    Then… I would see if there is a place to file a complaint with your state’s dept of regulation and licensing– in my state you can go online and fill out a complaint.
    That is what I would do… but I’ll probably die young from all that anger. Or sort of young– it might already be too late to die real young… but you get the point.
    That really does make me mad though…

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